Prague - Karlštejn - Prague

Prague - Karlštejn - Prague

Karlštejn History

Karlštejn, also known as Charles Týn, is a medieval castle located in the cadennial area of Budnany in the town of Karlštejn in the district of Beroun, about 30 km southwest of Prague, in the middle of the Protected Landscape Area of Český Kras.

Karlštejn was founded by the Bohemian and Roman king, later Emperor Charles IV., As a relatively modest building of one tower. The intention to save here and protect the Coronation Jewels of the Holy Roman Empire and the relics (holy relics) according to the latest research was taken by Charles only later, in 1356, in proportion to the new towers. The ceremonial opening of the building on 10 June 1348 together with Charles IV. he also participated in the first Archbishop of Prague, Arnošt of Pardubice. The construction took place between 1348 and 1357. The interior decoration of the castle was completed in 1365.


At present Karlštejn is one of the most visited castles in the Czech Republic. It is owned by the state and administered by the National Monument Institute, the Territorial Monument Administration in Prague. In addition to its own three guided tours, Karlštejn also offers a variety of cultural and social events every year - concerts, theaters, exhibitions, Karlštejn cultural summer, Royal parade and traditional Karlštejn vintage.

Karlštejn Castle also offers the possibility of arranging wedding ceremonies either in the wedding hall of the Purkrabství building in the main courtyard (so called Diamond Hall), or in the so-called Hall of the Imperial Palace, or the open air wedding ceremony under the Mariánská věž. At present, there are three tours.

1st Circle - Private and representative spaces of Charles IV. (Imperial Palace and 1st Floor of the Marian Tower), II. circuit - Sacred spaces of the castle incl. The Chapel of the Holy Cross (2nd floor of the Marian Tower and the ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor of the Great Tower) and again III. sightseeing tour - Great Tower View (3rd, 4th and 5th floor of the Great Tower).