11 Apr


by DTT Team 0 comments 645 views 11 Apr 2018

1. If the flight or train is delayed, will you wait for us?- Yes, we'll wait for you :)2. Do you have WiFi in your car?- Yes, we have and is free for you :)3. Are you offering a cold drink?- Yes, we offer and it is free for you :)4. And, moreover, we offer our customers maps of Prague for free :)

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26 Mar

What awaits you in Prague

by DTT Team 0 comments 646 views 26 Mar 2018

Prague is a safe city, you don't have to be worried. But here are still things you have to beware! We really don't recommend you to exchange your monney on the street - they will change your money, but you will not receive Czech crowns. They will give you money, which are not valid in the Czech Republic and you cannot buy anything with them.

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